Thursday, June 10, 2010

Did Wayne Williams Kill the kids in Atlanta? Lie Detector Said Yes

Wayne Williams was accused of the notorious Atlanta child murders.


Anonymous said...

Honestly, I believe he killed a few of those victims, but not all. This man managed a radioshow from the basement of his parents home, even though his parents did cover up for him a lot (car incident, where he used the car to go get a check and his father claimed to had the car all day.) Why would you defend your fathers answer if you knew he was lying and you are about to be sentenced to multiple counts of murder, you "didn't do"?
Reading into the story and watching the interviews about it, I don't believe he killed any of the kids, I do however feel strongly about that night on the bridge, where he was stopped and question by authority. How the police heard a splash, beats the heck out of me. But thats the story, the hear a "big splash." So how come investigations didn't start right then with the river? why did it take a few days for the body to wash up on shore?

His story about going to meet up with a woman. singer who apparently gave him the wrong number and address just didn't add up to me. I mean this was 30 years ago, so no cell phones, twitter, pagers...nothing, people were a little more trusting than then now. So why doesn't he have her correct information? Guilty!

As far as the children go, in tonights CNN interview with Wayne Williams there qas a small couple secounds video clip of a ambulance guy (the one who gave a false name.) I'm not sure of his name, but he came forth to testify against Wayne Williams. But somethis suspicious stuck to me about him. Why? Well, he is white. Everyone that was witness is black. This man cane forth already lying about his name, how can you trust anything else he out out there. Also, one of the detectives even stated they got many witnesses saying it was a white man, so for the longest they were searching for white suspects, all of a sudden it turns to a man with a hat and afro, wow.

To make this short since I'm responding from my handheld device, I believe the children in this case were somebody else's doings who has, is and will get away with It.

Anonymous said...

I was about 17 yrs old when this happened and after the 4th or 5th victim that had been reported as missing or dead there was NO WAY any white male,female,dog,cat ,,anything WHITE could have walked the streets in the places where these children were coming up missing IMPOSSIBLE!!!! the alert level was way to high,(with one exception ) the very people that were entrusted to SERVE & PROTECT... huh huh think about how easily white and black men in uniform moved thruout these communities