Thursday, January 10, 2008

"Get Low" (Our Song)~by Donisha Adams

Get low, get low, get reaaaal low until you touch the floor/

Those that spread their hate/ Those that kill your spirit leaving carnage in their wake/

They make you get low, get low, get reaaal low/

Those that want your body without taking the time.../the time to wonder about the inner trappings of your mind/

Those that say they love-like love was a brand new pair of Jordans that can be bought/I know that love is blind/

Yahhh, they make you FEEL low, FEEL low, FEEL reaaaal low until you feel this____big.

Who helps the little girls who are caught up in deception?/ Who can't love themselves unless they look like VIDEO GIRLS/

They feel low, feel low, feel reaaaal low-trapped/

Their wings have been cut/No one taught them how to fly/ Above it all/ And eventhough you are 5 feet tall you can still carry yourself like you are a GIANT/But, here you are in the club EVERY NIGHT trying to be seen/ Feeling good because you are looking like that VIDEO GIRL/Letting some man treat you like dirt...because "atleast you got a man."/ And sometimes love hurts/

Getting low, getting low, gettin real low until u hit the floor/

One day, you will see/ You create your own self-image/ You create your destiny/ You demand respect./

When all is said and done you give yourself the wings to...Get high, get high. Get reeeaaal high SKY!

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