Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Vivica A. Fox Was Doing What on Camera?

Rumor has it that Vivica A. Fox may have an opening to get her dead ass career back on track. Porsche Foxx at V-103 in ATL is confirming that there is a sex tape circulating where Vivica allegedly got drunk off her booty and started giving head to some dude. The dude allegedly took advantage of the situation and recorded it on his cell phone.

That damn technology!

Apparently, the tape was forwarded to old dude's friends, who forwarded it to Vivica, who then forwarded it to the police.

Here is the truth:

1) The dude who put out that tape is going to get Michael Vicked. You go to prison for taping someone "in their rare form" without their permission.
2) I can only pray that old-ass Vivica isn't doing this ish on purpose. Dang girl, is it that hard to get an acting job?
3) Should anybody really be embarrassed over this too much? I mean come on, it ain't like we all don't take care of our man in some special way. We dog out chicks like Superhead for doing it on tape, but alot of people can outdo that girl in private. Get a damn life.

In fact, if you ain't taking care of your man, somebody else probably is. But then again, a man who ain't your man recording you on his cell phone and sending it to all his friends? Well, that's another story.

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