Tuesday, January 1, 2008

The Only Historically Black College in Detroit may have to shut down

Lewis College of Business, the only black historical college in Detroit, may have to shut down due to the lost of its accreditation. They are currently trying to recruit a president and has a few students enrolled thus far.

According to the Detroit Free Press, staffers at the 80-year-old school haven't been paid since October and students have been complaining about broken computers.

The agency that determined Lewis College of Business was in financial trouble has agreed to let the college try to regain accreditation as a new institution. Unfortunately, numerous tuition - paying students have left, therefore it isn't certain how long Lewis will remain open.

"From the beginning we had financial problems, but it's like all other things in the black community, you just keep going as far as you can go," said Phyllis Ponders, whose mother, Violet Lewis, founded the school in 1928 to offer underprivileged African-American students business and secretarial degrees.

Classes are scheduled to resume January 14 at Lewis College of Business.

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